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Title: How UnderbrushClearing Increased Organic Traffic by 300% in 6 Months with On-page SEO


Underbrush Clearing is a land clearing and excavation company that provides services to commercial and residential clients in the United States. Despite having a well-designed website, the company was struggling to attract organic traffic and generate leads. 

To address this challenge, they partnered with our SEO team to improve their on-page SEO and keyword rankings.


The biggest challenge for Underbrush Clearing was to increase organic traffic to its website. Their previous efforts to improve SEO had not yielded the desired results, and they struggled to rank for important keywords. 

Additionally, their website lacked some essential on-page elements that were hindering their visibility on search engines.

underbrushclearing.com Strategy to Improve:

To help UnderbrushClearing achieve its goals, our SEO team conducted a thorough analysis of its website and identified areas that required improvement. We started by optimizing their website’s structure, navigation, and content to align with the target keywords. 

Firstly, we found keywords according to the intent. Keyword intent refers to the reason behind a search query. Analyzing keyword intent helped us to understand what the audience was looking for and we created content that meets their needs.

Secondly, After generating the list of potential keywords, we prioritized them based on their relevance and search volume. Then, our team optimized their website’s content, headers, and metadata to target these keywords. We used them naturally on their website.

Thirdly, the most important thing was to take the on-page SEO to the next level as it is an ongoing process. We made different changes over time. We also ensured their website had a fast load time, was mobile-friendly, and had a clear call-to-action.

Next, we integrated these keywords into the website’s metadata, headers, and content. We also created new content that targeted specific keywords and added internal linking to improve the overall user experience.


Our efforts paid off, and Underbrush Clearing saw significant improvements in organic traffic and keyword rankings. 

underbrushclearing GSC

In just six months, their website’s organic traffic increased by 300%, and they ranked on the first page of Google for several important keywords, including “land clearing san antonio texas,” “lake jackson mulch site,” and “land clearing austin tx.” 

Additionally, their website’s bounce rate decreased by 40%, and they started receiving more inquiries and leads from their website.


By focusing on on-page SEO and keyword optimization, UnderbrushClearing was able to achieve impressive results in a short period. Our SEO team’s expertise and strategic approach helped the company increase its online visibility and attract potential clients.

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