Passu cones

Exploring the Breathtaking Beauty of Gilgit Baltistan: An 8-Day Adventure

Introduction: Embarking on an 8-day tour of Gilgit Baltistan: I set out from Islamabad, traversing the scenic Hazara Motorway, and arrived at our first stop for the night in Chilas. Our journey was an incredible exploration of some of Pakistan’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, from the valleys of Gilgit to the rugged beauty of Skardu. Along the way, we immersed ourselves in thrilling experiences, indulged in delectable local cuisine, and discovered the rich cultural heritage of this remarkable region.

Day 1: Chilas and the Gateway to Gilgit Baltistan After a mesmerizing drive through the Hazara Motorway, we reached Chilas, where we settled in for the night. The anticipation of the days to come filled the air as we eagerly prepared for the adventure that awaited us.

Day 2-3: Gilgit, Hunza, and the Jewels of the North Our journey continued as we made our way to Gilgit, a city known for its breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality. From there, we ventured to the enchanting valley of Hunza, where time seemed to stand still amidst majestic mountains and crystal-clear rivers.
We explored Naltar, famous for its colorful lakes and thrilling skiing opportunities. Shesha Lake and Attabad Lake offered serenity and stunning views, leaving us in awe of nature’s artistry. Crossing the iconic Hussani Bridge, we marveled at its architectural marvel and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Naltar Lake
Naltar Lake

The Passu Cones, with their pyramid-like formations, provided a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts. Finally, we reached the legendary Khunjerab Pass, a high mountain pass connecting Pakistan and China, boasting panoramic vistas and a sense of awe-inspiring grandeur.

Passu cones
Passu cones
khunjerab pass
Khunjerab pass

Day 4-6: Skardu and the Land of Adventure

Our journey took an exciting turn as we added Upper Kachura and Shingrila Resort to our Skardu itinerary. Upper Kachura, also known as the Blue Lake, beckoned us with its mesmerizing beauty. Nestled amidst the rugged mountains, the turquoise waters of the lake cast a spell on us. We took leisurely walks along the shoreline, soaking in the serene ambiance and capturing photographs that would forever preserve the memory of this enchanting place.

After reveling in the tranquility of Upper Kachura, we made our way to Shingrila Resort. Perched atop a hill, the resort offered panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. The warm hospitality and comfortable accommodations made our stay truly enjoyable. As the sun began to set, we marveled at the breathtaking vista before us, a symphony of colors painting the sky. It was a moment of pure serenity, allowing us to connect with nature in its most majestic form.

Upper Kachura Lake
Upper Kachura Lake
Lower Kachura Lake also known as Shangrila Lake
Lower Kachura Lake also known as Shangrila Lake

Throughout our time in Skardu, we couldn’t help but be awestruck by the surreal landscapes that unfolded before our eyes. The Mantkoha Waterfall cascading down the rocky cliffs provided a refreshing respite, with the cool mist kissing our faces. We explored the historical marvel of Shigar Fort, a testament to the region’s rich heritage and architectural prowess. Its intricate design and well-preserved artifacts offered a glimpse into the past, transporting us to a different era.

manthoka watrerfall
Manthoka waterfall
manthoka watrerfall
Manthoka waterfall

Of course, our adventure wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Cold Deserts. As we embarked on a thrilling jeep drive across the shifting sands, the stark beauty of the desert unfolded. The vast expanse of golden sand dunes against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks created a surreal contrast. It was an exhilarating experience, one that left us in awe of nature’s diverse creations.

Cold Desert Skardu
cold desert Skardu
Cold Desert Skardu Paragliding
cold desert Skardu paragliding

As our journey neared its end, we found ourselves captivated by the charm and allure of Basho Valley. Lush green meadows, sparkling streams, and vibrant wildflowers painted a picture-perfect scene. We immersed ourselves in the tranquility of the surroundings, breathing in the crisp mountain air and allowing the serenity to wash over us.

basho valley skardu

Basho valley Skardu
basho valley skardu trout
Basho Valley Skardu trout

Gilgit Baltistan had truly left an indelible mark on our hearts. From the thrilling adventures of paragliding and jeep drives to the flavorsome delights of Yoak Burgers, Café d Hunza Cakes, and the irresistible local dry fruits, every moment and taste bud had been indulged.

As we bid farewell to this land of wonders, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the memories we had created. Gilgit Baltistan had shown us the power of nature’s grandeur and the warmth of its people. It had given us a glimpse into a world where beauty knows no bounds, and adventure awaits at every turn.

Day 7-8: Experiences to Remember and Local Delights Our adventurous spirit soared as we engaged in paragliding, soaring through the skies and marveling at the majestic landscapes from above.
A jeep drive on the Cold Deserts added a dash of excitement, as we maneuvered through the ever-shifting sands. Archery provided a glimpse into the region’s rich traditions and allowed us to test our skills.

Amidst our travels, we savored the local culinary delights of Gilgit Baltistan. The Yolk Burger, a local specialty, tantalized our taste buds with its unique flavors. The Café d Hunza Cake offered a delightful blend of ingredients and cultural influences. And who could resist the high-quality dry fruits for which the region is renowned?

On the final leg of our unforgettable journey through Gilgit Baltistan, we made our way back from Skardu to Naran, taking the scenic route via the Babusar Top. As we bid farewell to the majestic landscapes of Skardu, we embarked on a breathtaking drive that would etch itself into our memories forever.

Leaving behind the rugged terrains of Skardu, we entered the picturesque Naran Valley. The road to Naran led us through the awe-inspiring Babusar Top, a high mountain pass that stands at an elevation of over 13,000 feet. As our vehicle climbed higher, the air grew crisper, and the panoramic views became increasingly awe-inspiring.

From the summit of Babusar Top, we were greeted by a breathtaking vista of snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and meandering rivers. The landscape seemed to stretch endlessly, captivating us with its untouched beauty. It was a moment of pure awe and reverence for the grandeur of nature.

Descending from the lofty heights of Babusar Top, we continued our journey toward Naran. The road wound its way through verdant meadows, enchanting forests, and quaint villages, each offering a glimpse into the local way of life. We couldn’t help but feel a sense of tranquility as we absorbed the serene surroundings.

Reaching Naran, we were welcomed by the town’s vibrant atmosphere and the cheerful buzz of fellow travelers. As we settled in for our final night of the trip, we reflected on the remarkable experiences we had collected over the past eight days. From the enchanting valleys of Gilgit and Hunza to the thrilling adventures in Skardu, each moment had added to the tapestry of our journey.

Naran, with its stunning natural beauty and proximity to the Babusar Top, provided the perfect ending to our expedition. As we strolled along the banks of the gushing Kunhar River and took in the breathtaking views, we realized that this trip had not only been about the destinations we had visited but also about the connections we had forged with the land and its people.

The journey back from the Babusar Top to Naran was a fitting conclusion to our adventure. It served as a reminder that even as we bid farewell to the majestic landscapes of Gilgit Baltistan, the memories and experiences would forever remain imprinted in our hearts.

As we prepared to return to Islamabad, we carried with us a sense of gratitude for the privilege of exploring such a remarkable region. Gilgit Baltistan had not only mesmerized us with its natural wonders but had also opened our eyes to the resilience, warmth, and rich cultural heritage of its people.

With a renewed appreciation for the beauty of our world and a treasure trove of memories, we set off on our journey home, forever grateful for the magic of Gilgit Baltistan and the adventures that had unfolded along the way.


In terms of economics, we paid a reasonable sum of 25,000 rupees to a tour company for a well-organized and memorable trip. The jeep rentals for Naltar Valley and Basho Valley were 16,500 rupees each, allowing us to explore the hidden gems of the region. Paragliding and the Jeep track on the Cold Desert

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