Case Study:

THE BACKGROUND is a specialized company in excavation and demolition services for residential and commercial properties. 


Seeking to enhance their online presence and generate more leads through their website, they approached our company for SEO assistance.


Our approach for was to optimize its website for relevant keywords, enhance its backlink profile, and improve its website’s user experience. 

Our team conducted in-depth research to determine the most valuable keywords for their services and strategically placed them throughout the website’s content, meta tags, and URLs. 

Our team’s Onpage SEO techniques were highly effective, as we were able to achieve significant results with long-tail keywords, surpassing the competition within just two months. We were excited to share with the client amazing keyword improvement.

mantis keywords report

Our team also analyzed their competitors’ strategies to ensure that we were staying ahead of the game.

We also implemented technical SEO improvements to enhance the website’s user experience, including optimizing images, improving page load times, and fixing broken links.

All that resulted in a good increase of traffic with the same strategy our competitors were playing with.

The next phase was to focus on building high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to improve’s credibility and reputation within its industry.

By earning these backlinks, we were able to demonstrate to search engines that was a reliable source of information in their field.


Thanks to our team’s SEO efforts, within 6 months, experienced a remarkable increase in website traffic and leads. 

Their organic traffic rose by 54%, and the number of leads generated through the website increased by 40%. These results are tangible proof of the effectiveness of our SEO strategy.

Here are one month’s stats:


Final Thought

The success of our SEO campaign for demonstrates the significant value of investing in an effective SEO strategy to achieve business objectives. 

By collaborating with our skilled digital marketing specialists, was able to enhance its online visibility and generate more leads, contributing to its overall success.

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